Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet

Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet Service

Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet provide premium assistance service for Departure, Arrival and connection flights / transit flight at Istanbul International Airport. Arrivals, Departures & Transfers are fast and easy with Meet & Assist Service. Transit Assistance is best choice for your airport experience.Do you know what kind of services there is in Istanbul airport? Let check it.

Arrival Meet and Greet Service at Istanbul Airport

We provide an expert welcoming service for you at the airport or on the air bridge. Our greeting team will help identify you and your loved ones quickly and efficiently, then provide a professional porter’s service at baggage claim. We also offer contact with your driver outside of the airport, as well as arranging meeting points.

Arrival service includes

  • Our dedicated agents will meet you with a sign that is written your name at the arrival gate.
  • The agent will help you and expedite your way to passport control.
  • Special Buggy usage
  • The agent will lead you on to baggage claim. They’ll help you find your luggage and bring it to you. If you need help with your luggage, porter services will be provided
  • You will be led to your transportation or expecting party in the arrival hall.

Departure service includes

  • The meeting spot and time will be arranged ahead of time with either your driver or yourself.
  • A dedicated agent will meet you upon arrival at the airport. Should you need help with your luggage, porter services will be provided
  • The agent will help you with your check-in procedures by guiding you to the correct counter. VAT refund assistance will be also provided if necessary.
  • You can bypass the line and move quickly through security check. You will be expedited through passport control.
  • Special Buggy car usage
  • The agent will escort you to the lounge if you have access to it, or directly to the gate area. You will be then taken to the boarding when the time comes.

Departure Meet and Greet Service at Istanbul Airport

Our team of agents are highly trained to contact you before you leave for the airport to arrange a meeting spot. This will help ensure your life is continued as normal until the day of departure. Our welcome team will meet you when you arrive at the airport.Fast Track or Expedite you through security, and escort you to the lounge and to your gate.

Our expert greeters will meet you at the end of the aircraft bridge or entrance of terminal. They will escort you to your connecting flight and any lounge. You may use transit service for international to international flights or domestic to international flights

Transit service includes

  • Our dedicated customer service agents will monitor the status of your flight and punctually meet you at the arrival gate with a personalized sign that matches your name.
  • If you need to clear passport control, the agent will help you get through it quickly.
  • You will be swiftly escorted through luggage retrieval, check-in for your connecting flight, and security filter, should your itinerary require you to comply with any of these procedures
  • Special Buggy Service
  • When something comes up like a missed connection or flight cancellation, the agent will help you out and stay with you until your alternative plans are in place.
  • Your representative will take you to the lounge or all the way to your departure gate.

Istanbul Airport VIP® provides special Istanbul Airport meet and greet service for departure, arrival and connection flights at Istanbul International Airport. 

Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet, Istanbul Airport Meet and Assist service provider. Istanbul Airport assistance is online. Istanbul Airport Meet and greet service is a vip assistance at Istanbul Airport. Sabiha airport meet and greet also is possible.

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