American F-35s recently trained with Polish F-16s to strengthen NATO’s joint airpower capabilities.

U.S. Air Force F-35s deployed from RAF Lakenheath, UK, to Łask Air Base, Poland, for agile combat employment training with Polish allies.

The F-35 deployment highlights a key advantage for NATO: the ability to move advanced 5th Generation airpower assets forward quickly to support and defend allies.

“The deployment of U.S. F-35s in Poland is evidence of our enduring commitment to our NATO Allies and to a whole, free, and peaceful Europe,” said U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa. “Collaboration with NATO Allies, like with the Polish Air Force, strengthens collective defence capabilities across the European theatre. We seize every opportunity to train together to refine tactics, techniques, and procedures to improve military readiness, tactical proficiency, and interoperability.”

As NATO’s aircraft of choice, the F-35 is a force multiplier for our allies and partners around the globe, creating an interconnected web of deterrence. Through its advanced sensor suite, the F-35 gives pilots an integrated, intuitive view of their surroundings that greatly enhances survivability, effectiveness and interoperability – that can then be shared across allied assets.

F-35 Lightning II

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