Undoubtedly, the biggest crisis for families with children starts at the airport entrance. Because they can’t find parking near the elevator and the entrance, and even if they do, they’re having a lot of trouble with strollers, suitcases, and their children. The same problems are waiting for them during the process from the airport entrance to the plane. Having identified all these problems, IGA Istanbul Airport has implemented the concept of “Family and child friendly airport” by saying “Children and family first”. I also saw and experienced this application of the airport on the spot.


There are parking areas specially designed for families with children in the airport parking lot, very close to the elevator. After parking your car here, you can get to the airport entrance by taking the elevator directly. As soon as you enter the building, you do not need to queue to get in from the first baggage check section. By heading to the special crossing point that says ’For families with children’, you can enter without waiting in line. As a matter of fact, when there is intensity at normal transition points, children can get impatient, cry and cause difficult moments for the family. This situation was solved with the family gate. Then, after baggage and ticket transactions, if you have time, you can start taking advantage of the first children’s experience areas. Children can have fun on the slides and climbing walls, while parents can relax in the seating areas. There are five children’s playgrounds on the air side of the airport and three on the land side.


After quickly passing through the ‘family with children’ pass through the second door, another rare application similar to this appears to you. As soon as you pick up your hand luggage, you are faced with a ‘Stroller station’. You know, because baby carriages are also given when luggage is delivered to the plane, babies stay on the laps of mothers or fathers, and small children stay with them. This situation was solved with this station. you can pick up one or two strollers from the station, which is completely free for babies and children between the ages of 0-6, and walk freely inside the airport. Dec. Whether you are walking around the Duty Free area or going to an airport restaurant to feed your baby something… you can use this car until you get to the plane. In addition, if the mother has to milk, breastfeed her baby or change her diaper, ‘baby rooms’ have been designed for this at many points inside the airport. There are also baby care rooms with breastfeeding chairs, changing units, hot water dispenser for mama at different points.


Before you go to the Duty Frees with your strollers, the first activity area specially designed for children welcomes you. With a concept that changes every month, the children’s activity area attracts the interest of many passengers, both domestic and foreign. For example, an area was built for this year’s Ramadan month, and then that area was changed for April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day and transformed into a brand new area that allows all children to experience the holiday. Of course, these events will continue throughout the year…


Anyway, you have a stroller, and if you have plenty of time, be sure to stop by the Airport Museum. You can walk around there with your children and take a short trip to Anatolian history. In addition, if you have a connecting flight on the international side and you are going to spend a lot of time indoors, you can either use the IGA Lounge area for a fee or stay in a 450-room hotel inside the airport. Meanwhile, the Lounge areas are offered free of charge to 0-6 Decares and with a 50 percent discount to children aged 7-12 Decares Decares. In addition, there is also a ‘Youth Lounge’ specially designed for young people. You can also stop by there. There is also a spa and hair salon service at the terminal. Before I forget, people don’t think baby strollers or electric buggies are paid, but the electric car service is also free for children between the ages of 0-5 Dec. In addition, the elderly or disabled can also use the wheelchair service for free. Be sure to use them.


It’s very interesting, but many things have been thought out inside the airport, from the special gate designed for families with dogs to the ‘dog toilet and bathroom’. There is also a pet check-in counter at the entrance.


There is also an area for children with special needs. This is one of the areas where I am most impressed… children can start crying when there is a lot of noise, they can throw themselves on the floor in the crowd. He may have Down syndrome, he may be an impulsive child, and families may sometimes want to kidnap their children from crowded environments. That’s why special playgrounds have been built for this. Designed only for children with special needs. A calm, quiet, protected area…


Families are most bored while waiting for a plane. For this reason, the playgrounds are positioned at points close to the aircraft doors. Families with children are passing the time in some space-themed, some zoo-themed, some nature-themed playgrounds.


I ask Kadri Samsunlu, CEO of IGA Istanbul Airport, about the concept of ‘family child friendly airport’, he says, “Our priority is sustainability” and adds: “We have implemented many new applications within the scope of the unique travel experience we offer to our passengers from different age groups, taking into account the difficulties experienced by families with children before the flight. Private parking and quick access for families with children, we also have the opportunity to use a free buggy for passengers with a 0-2 year old baby after departure / departure from the plane at IGA Istanbul Airport, which has 5 play parks in a total area of 700 square meters inside the airport and 3 different themes on the land side, a total of 8.

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