First of all, Istanbul, being one of the most important cities of both Turkey and the world, has a rich history that speaks to the long-established past of its civilization. Secondly, along with this history come some incredible structures that are often used by travelers for language education. You may find in our page many things about Istanbul Travel.

istanbul travel tips
istanbul travel tips

What to do in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a sprawling, cosmopolitan city with up to date infrastructure and a centuries-long tradition of welcoming the world. The old and the new coexist side by side across its enormous area. And travelers can still find authentic glimpses of places that predate the Ottoman Empire. The different districts of Istanbul all have their own personalities. Meanwhile, Beyoglu has upmarket cafes and restaurants; Galata is full of historic mansions and graffiti; Besiktas offers exclusive shopping and dining. Kadikoy is a vibrant waterfront town; Dolmabahce Palace is an imperial abscess on the Bosphorus.

Top 5 things you should do before leaving Turkey

Because turkey is a multicultural country, there are a lot of things that you can do. One of the most popular activities is going to the ancient city of Istanbul. There are a few things that you can do before you leave Turkey. First, don’t forget to drink Turkish coffee. Second, visit the Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque. Third, go on a boat ride on Bosphorus Strait. Fourth, eat Turkish dishes such as borek and dolma. Fifth, visit the Grand Bazaar for shopping!

How to get the best prices on your flights?

I recently found a few tips on how to get the best prices on flights. The first thing you should do is to book your flight as early as possible because you will be able to find the cheapest flight rates. By the way, about Istanbul travel you can also look for hidden deals that airlines offer which may not be advertised. If you are looking for a specific airline, try looking on their website first before booking with another company because this may provide better rates.

As a Result…

Istanbul is a place of complicated and contradictory beauty that is why It is a city where empires have risen and fallen, and where treasures of many worlds and centuries mix with curiosity and chaos. Come and visit Istanbul soon !

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