Istanbul Airport

Sunday June 11, 2023, IGA Istanbul Airport broke the all-time air traffic record with a total of one thousand 749 flights.

A historic flight record on Sunday!
Friday June 9, 2023 saw a thousand 594 landings-takeoffs as a result of the intensity of the majority of English and Italian football fans who came to Istanbul for the UEFA Champions League Final.

Sunday June 11, 2023 As of Sunday, IGA Istanbul Airport has reached the highest number of daily flights since its opening with a total of thousand 749 flights planned. A total of 250 thousand 977 people traveled on these flights.

IGA Istanbul Airport Hosted 214 Private Jets

There was also an intensity in the UEFA Champions League Final organization process at the General Aviation Terminal of IGA Istanbul Airport.

Since June 7, a successful operation has been hosted at the terminal, where a total of 214 private jets have taken off and landed. It has been emphasized that 152 private jets have left IGA Istanbul Airport so far.

Friday June 9, 2023, IGA Istanbul Airport, which hosted 226 thousand 813 passengers and a total of one thousand 594 flights, surpassed the daily flight record of one thousand 548 achieved on April 23, 2023.

On April 23, 2023, the first record number of flights of the year was reached by serving one thousand 548 flights and 244 thousand 709 passengers daily at IGA Istanbul Airport.

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