The Ministry of Defence has announced a definitive timeline for the discontinuation of the F-5 Tiger aircraft. Major General Peter Merz communicated in an interview with SRF radio that the jets are scheduled for decommission by the end of 2027. Consequently, the Patrouille Suisse PC-7 Team will no longer have these aircraft at their disposal for their demonstration flights.

The Defence Ministry has formally announced its plans to cease the operation of F-5 Tiger aircraft by the conclusion of the year 2027, according to a statement made by Major General Merz during an appearance on the Swiss public television network SRF last Friday. In light of the prevailing fiscal constraints, the military is strategically allocating its budget towards the acquisition of modern equipment.

The disbandment of the Patrouille Suisse aerobatic team, as it is presently constituted, appears imminent. With the decommissioning of the Tiger aircraft, Merz asserted that it would be impossible for the Patrouille Suisse to continue jet flight operations.

The precise nature of future airshows remains to be determined. Discussions regarding this matter are underway between Swiss Defence Minister Viola Amherd and the security commissions, as stated by Merz. It has been suggested that one viable alternative could be utilizing the current PC-7 propeller aircraft team for such events.

In the end, it falls upon the legislative body to determine the fate of the F-5 Tigers’ operational status. This issue has sparked debate, with opposition being voiced on the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) platform.

Acquired in the 1970s

In 2018, the Federal Council recommended to the Parliament that a reduction by half of the then-active F5-Tiger fleet, which consisted of 53 aircraft, be carried out. The subsequent operational fleet of 26 F5-Tigers was thus allocated to perform supplementary assignments, supporting the primary F/A-18 Hornet fleet, as well as fulfilling duties for the Patrouille Suisse aerobatic team.

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