Istanbul Airport continues to win the appreciation of international institutions with its strong infrastructure, technology and services.

Finally, the Istanbul airport, USA New York-based travel magazine Travel and leisure’s annual World’s Best Awards 2021” survey “the top 10 international airports” (the category was included in the world top 10 with an international airport.

In the “top 10 international airports in the world” category, determined according to the opinions of the readers of Travel and Leisure Magazine, assessments are made in terms of access, check-in, security, eating and drinking areas, shopping and design, and the results are explained according to these criteria.

Finished second with 91.17 points
According to the results of travel and Leisure Magazine Readers Poll Votes. Istanbul Airport. Incheon (Korea), Dubai, Doha, Qatar (Qatar), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong, Narita (Japan), Zurich (Switzerland) and Osaka (Japan) airports such as Changi Airport took second place after leaving behind.

Istanbul airport, which was awarded many international certificates during the pandemic. In the “top 10 international airports in the world” survey, which was held for the first time after the covid-19 outbreak, was once again awarded an important award in the international arena. Also, Istanbul Airport fast track service provider is choosen as istanbulAirport VIP brand. Additionally, IstanbulAirportVIP provide lounge services.

May January 11, 2021, the vote began on May 10, 2021. And Istanbul airport was one of the highest-rated airports. Singapore Changi Airport was ranked first with 93.45 points and Istanbul airport was ranked second with 91.17 points.

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