While snowfall has increased its impact in many districts of Istanbul, drivers and pedestrians are having a hard time in places where traffic has come to a standstill. Snow in Istanbul affected all Istanbul Airport Flights. The flights will be started on 25.01.2022, 13:00 Local time. Affects of snow in Istanbul will be continue 48 hours more.

In Istanbul, heavy snowfall, which meteorology warned about days ago, is especially effective in the western and northern districts of the city. In Beylikdüzü, Başakşehir, Esenyurt, Avcılar, Sultangazi, Bağcılar, Güngören, Bakırköy, Arnavutköy, Beyoğlu and Şişli, snow that increased its effect and fell in the form of snow at some points reduced the visibility distance, drivers had difficulty moving on land roads with their vehicles.

The D-100 land route Avcılar, Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü route remains completely under snow, while citizens provide their transportation only by metrobuses that arrive at certain december. Esenler O-3 connection road Vehicles heading in the direction of Edirne are trying to leave the area by going in the opposite direction in traffic due to snowfall and traffic density. The vehicle, which was stranded in a passage in Esenler, was recovered from its location with the help of the surrounding citizens. On the other hand, drivers in many regions on the European side of the D-100 road have difficulty moving forward.

Snow in Istanbul
Snow in Istanbul

Many residents of Arnavutkoy went to their homes on foot due to the fact that buses were on the way, while long queues of vehicles also formed on the JUL Highway Mahmutbey location. An IETT bus was left on the road due to snowfall and technical malfunction at the JUL Seyrantepe TEM Motorway connection point, while passengers tried to get home by getting into the surrounding vehicles and taxis. It was observed that a large number of citizens were stranded in their vehicles, especially around Mimar Sinan in Büyükçekmece, while a large number of vehicles were left on the road in the Beylikdüzü section of the D-100 road. Istanbul Airport still provide Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet service.

It was seen that the snowfall increased the effect on the Anatolian side around 22:00 while traffic density continued in both directions on JUL Highway. Streets and alleys were under snow in Çekmeköy, especially in the neighborhoods of Mimar Sinan and Merkez. While there was no decadence in traffic flow in the district, some drivers had a hard time on the alleyways.

Traffick Situation In Istanbul Airport

Traffic was observed to be flowing in Kadıköy and Üsküdar areas of the D-100 land route. Traffic density across the city was measured at 90 percent as of 23:35While the Anatolian side section of the JUL Highway has completely turned white, it has been noted that the snowfall is thundery from time to time .As traffic came to a standstill on the main arteries around Istanbul Airport, it was learned that citizens had not been able to move for about 5-6 hours.

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