FETESTI, Romania, April 17 (Reuters) – The Netherlands on Wednesday will hand over another three F-16 fighter jets to a training facility in Romania, where Ukrainian pilots and ground staff are being taught how to fly and maintain the planes in battle.

The Netherlands has been one of the driving forces behind an international coalition to supply Ukraine with F-16s to strengthen its air defense against the Russian invasion.

Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States expect to deliver the first of dozens of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine this summer after establishing the pilot training programme and donating aircraft.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force had already delivered eight of the promised total of 18 F-16’s to the training facility since November.

They have also promised to deliver a total of 24 F-16s for use in Ukraine, with the first ones expected to arrive in the second half of the year, adding to earlier deliveries of the aircraft by the Danish armed forces.

Photo Jeroen Vogelaar

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