Istanbul Airport operator IGA’s Deputy General Manager Responsible for Planning Ismail Hakkı Polat, “If the expected Istanbul earthquake occurs, all our buildings including the terminal, air traffic tower, energy center, ARFF (Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting) stations and air side ‘runway-apron-taxiways in such a way that operations will not be disrupted, we have carried out our design and construction works within the framework of our earthquake modeling,” he said.

In a statement made by IGA, it was reported that all the design processes of Istanbul Airport were carried out in accordance with the earthquake and that it is also ready for a possible Istanbul earthquake. While it was stated that some evaluations were made in different media for Istanbul Airport, it was emphasized that the possible effects of possible earthquake scenarios on all planned facilities and structures at Istanbul Airport were taken into account during the design stages in 2015.


“For this purpose, IGA prepared a Seismic Hazard Report for Istanbul Airport dated May 2015, during this process, Mustafa Erdik, Honorary Professor of the Department of Earthquake Engineering at Boğaziçi University, Sinan Türkkan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Earthquake Reinforcement Association (DEGÜDER), and Prof. Özyeğin University, Founding Head of the Department of Civil Engineering. Dr. Under the leadership of Atilla Ansal, he worked together with a national and international team. In the said report, site-specific seismic hazard assessment was carried out in order to determine the possible effects of any earthquake that may occur on the source faults for earthquake hazard; earthquake loads to be used in the design of floors and buildings were determined specifically for Istanbul Airport,” it was said.


In the statement, the opinions of Polat, Deputy General Manager Responsible for IGA Istanbul Airport Planning, were also included. Polat stated that the design and construction of Istanbul Airport was completed with the principle of providing uninterrupted service under the influence of the ‘475-year-long recurrent DD2 * earthquake’ and said, “Our criterion was established on the fact that IGA Istanbul Airport was not damaged at all after the expected Istanbul earthquake and the principle of uninterrupted use was functioning. In the event of the expected Istanbul earthquake, we have carried out our design and construction works within the framework of our earthquake modeling on all our buildings, including the terminal, air traffic tower, energy center, RFF stations, and on the runway-apron-taxiways of the air side, so that operations will not be disrupted,” he said. Polat also underlined that the geological structure before the airport was built was changed and made suitable for airport operations, including possible earthquake loads.

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